01/03/2018, ST. MARY’S RETREAT HOUSE, Detroit, MI

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Music for Contemplation (MufoCo) invites listeners to light concentration by creating a space and time outside the daily rush to let thoughts wander. MufoCo welcomes a broad interpretation of “contemplation”, including classical, jazz, free improvisation, and experimental music styles. Past programs have included thick, dense dissonant textures of Andrew Lafkas, whispy half-heard ...

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Ron Kadish
812-339-1195 X 202

Retreat January 3-10, 2018, Oxford Michigan Team-building through music. Music-lovers of all experience levels welcome.

Music for Contemplation announces a seven-day residential workshop to develop listening, communication, and presentation skills. Working with professionals from diverse backgrounds, participants practice daily sitting, being silent together, and creating music together. Everyone creates new music, everyone sings each other's music. Participants will also pitch in to cook, wash up, and care for the house.

Facilitators Craig Shepard, Tony Geballe, Frank Sheldon, Erin Rogers, and Dev Ray lead practical exercises to listen to inspiration, develop ideas, and present them effectively. They will lead talks on group dynamics, moving through creative blocks, performance challenges, and reflecting on one's own experience. Individual coaching is available.

Creating Music Together has been featured at at Dartmouth's Workshop in the Woods, the Monthly Music Hackathon in New York, and at the Music for Contemplation series in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Past participants have included programmers, visual artists, project managers, theater directors, accountants, and guitarists. Facilitators have performed everywhere from cow pastures on Jura mountaintops to Carnegie Hall, and draw from experience teaching Alexander Technique, participating in and organizing Guitar Craft and Guitar Circle Courses, and creating as part of groups in Wandelweiser, thingNY, and the theater group La Compagnia de' Colombari.

“Everyone has the capacity to create their own music; we just don't always use it,” Wandelweiser composer Craig Shepard says. “By singing each others thoughts, ideas, and creations, we connect in a personal and intimate way. We literally vibrate at someone else's frequency. It's remarkable.”

The weeklong Creating Music Together retreat will take place at St. Mary's Retreat House (www.stmarysretreathouse.org/) in Oxford, MI, January 3-10, 2018.  Accommodations are simple, individual rooms with shared bath. $850 includes a single room with shared bathroom, course fee, and all meals for the week. To apply, email apply@creatingmusictogether.org, tell us who you are, and why you want to join.



"everything sounded more acute, lively and present — qualities enhanced by the keen listening that the music enabled." - Steve Smith, New York Times.

Music for Contemplation (MufoCo) invites listeners to light concentration through a series of concerts, offering a space and time outside busy New York City to let thoughts wander. MufoCo welcomes a broad interpretation of “contemplation”, including classical, jazz, free improvisation, and experimental music styles. Past programs have included thick, dense dissonant textures of Andrew Lafkas, whispy half-heard sounds of the slight brush of a bow on a string, and interlocking melodies of Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso.

The 2014-2016 seasons took place in the elegant sanctuary of the Church of the Annunciation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Programs included works by Shelley Burgon, Dan Joseph, the New York Guitar Circle, Deep Listening composers Pauline Oliveros Oliveros and Stuart Dempster, Wandelweiser composers Antoine Beuger, Kunsu Shim, Eva-Maria Houben, Sam Sfirri, and Craig Shepard, and free improvisers Christian Kobi, Sean Meehan, and Mike Bullock.

The first concert at Annunciation was June 30, 2013 as part of Indexical's Transient Series. After the concert, a long time Williamsburg resident, who had heard this music for the first time, asked for a CD to listen at home. It was very clear that there was a real need for this experience. Since that evening, MufoCo has presented eighteen programs, including music of Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Alvin Lucier, Andrew Lafkas, Shelley Burgon, Christian Kobi, the New York Guitar Ensemble, and members of the Wandelweiser group.

Tony Geballe (guitarist, composer, sound designer) is a member of the La Compagnia de' Colombari theater group, and the bands Braindance and Zero Time Everything. He studied with Ralph Towner, Ustad ZM Dagar, Necdet Yasar, and Guitar Craft. Through long associations with musicians, he builds situations within which he crafts single-use compositions. These deceptively simple verbal instructions draw out the strengths of his co-creators and empower them to communicate with each other and the audience. He lives in New York.

Dev Ray has held almost every role in the music business, from the artist to organizer. He studied at the Eastman School of Music and Berklee College of Music, as well as with Guitar Craft and Guitar Circles. He currently makes his living working as a live sound engineer, tour manager, studio engineer and producer. He lives in Boston.

Erin Rogers is a composer and saxophonist with thingNY, Hypercube, and the New Thread Quartet. Her works have been performed at Carnegie Hall, the Museum Concert Hall, Taiwan, and many places in-between. She has spent more than ten years working in music publishing. She lives in New York.

Frank Sheldon served as the Director of The Virginia School for Alexander Technique, and guest teacher on other teacher training courses. He co-founded the residential course in the Alexander Technique that now takes place in North Carolina every summer. For  more than 30 years, he has presented classes for Guitar Craft and Guitar Circles with the central theme of creative choices made possible by an expanded field of awareness. He enjoys the challenge of writing. He lives in Seattle.

Craig Shepard is a member of the Wandelweiser group. He studied trombone performance at Northwestern University and the Zurich University of the Arts and has participated in Deep Listening and Guitar Circle courses. Recent projects include On Foot: Brooklyn, and Trumpet City. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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775 West Drahner Rd